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Vital Knowledge Center-Ebay information you must have

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Used properly, this site will change your life forever. With our products, hard work, you will be able to suceed beyond your wildest dreams. 
With our information you can get all of the necessary products that is necessary and vital to be a sucess on ebay and all of the affiliates spots. Search Engine Submission and Internet Marketing

If you want to Start Selling On Ebay This is a must have Instant Download!

This ebook is one of the fastest selling informational ebooks to hit ebay and websites in a long time!

Finally 2005 Information and not the dreaded outdated books regarding this fabulous auction site Ebay!

So you want to sell on ebay? Quit your job? Become an ebay entrepreneur our ebook has all the tools for you to get started instantly!

This ebook is not filled with free information that can be found on ebay's auction site it is filled with answers to questions that people are dying to find out!

Did you ever search on ebay and wonder where do these guys get all this stuff for so cheap?

Have you sat in front of your computer wishing you could sell on ebay but you didn't know what to do or where to go to get the goods?


Let us tell you exactly what you are going to learn with this extraordinary download!

What you are going to read are secrets, tips and basically all around help to get you started selling and making money on ebay today!

Our First section will tell you the Power Sellers Secrets to creating a Professional Auction Template and we have provided you with 2 software programs included with this purchase for you to be able to create your own auction ads for free. People viewing seller's auctions probably think they have a professional create their ads. Not True. We'll have you making a Professional Auction Ad yourself or you can simply use the software we provide you with free of charge! But either way you will learn and know exactly how people make such professional looking auction ads!

The Second section is our Auction Tips Section never before told nor offered any place online or on ebay there are many options to consider when you are starting off selling on ebay and we have basically covered 100% of those options! We will explain to you the 3 basic auctions that ebayallows you to post. You will be heavily educated on what each one means to you and how we can save you money, save you time and save you the aggravation of doing it the wrong way. We show you examples of how people fail on ebay and we show you using numbers how if you do it the way we say to do it you can literally save hundreds of dollars and put that in your pocket instead of ebay's pocket!

The Third section of our ebook is our Auction Lengths Section which covers what days, how long and when you should start your auctions. This is vital information. If you post your auction on the wrong day you can lose many, many bids. We'll show you the best days and times to start your auction up to get the most bids possible!  You will find out if the Buy It Now is worth using, how many auctions you should put up and explain why! Again all Vital Information!

The fourth section of our ebook is our Watch Out Section we are going to show you how sellers basically screw up by not paying attention to very important things regarding ebay we have even put in a full example of how you can accidentally eat up all your profits if you do not think! How people end up going broke on ebay because of something that is so easily over looked. We've had people go bankrupt because they didn't think about certain things before they put their auctions up. Again, get a full example, full explanation and a Watch Out! Once you know this information and listen to it YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO NEVER SCREW THIS UP! We will make sure that you put 100% of your profits in your pocket and not someone elses! Must READ!!

Our Fifth section is our Do Your Homework Section which covers step by step instructions on what you need to do in order to get the Heads Up on the Hot Money Makers on ebay. We will show you with 6 easy steps 30 minutes a day how you can easily find out what products are the hot sellers on ebay and go and sell them yourself and make a mint! Easy To Do! You just have to know how to do it!

Our Sixth Section is Titled: What To Sell & Where To Get It.. this is a full blown section that will give you HOT TIPS as to what the hottest sellers are in Certain Months out of the Year! Meaning we are going to show you what products are sure money makers, what months to sell them and where to buy the products on top of it! BIG MONEY HERE!


Also located in this very same section will be Ebay's #1 Wholesaler/DropShipper where ebay sellers get over 15,000 Products including the hottest products on ebay right now! We will issue you a username and password with your download to enter this Hot Wholesaler Right Now so you can see with your own eyes the prices of the goods you will be amazed at how little you will pay for items! We are talking $300.00 items down to $5-$18.00!! This is where the sellers get the knives, leather jackets, leather gloves, leather hats, housewares, electronics, cutlery, giftware and so much more! Order directly online with this company and have all your items dropshipped right to your customer!


         You will also be given Ebay's #1 Electronic Wholesaler & DropShipper for OVER 500 Products! Order online and have all your items dropshipped directly to your customer.

         You will be given another one of ebay's hottest wholesalers/dropshippers who are currently offering over 20,000 different products access to this website is only .99 cents and might we add this will be the only amount .99 cents you will have to pay for any of our wholesalers we list! This company offers many wholesale warehouses right online for you to shop and have all your items dropshipped! They also provide you with Auction Templates per product!


         You will be given Ebay Sellers As Seen On TV Wholesaler Dropshipping is coming soon with this company. You will be buying direct from the Manufacturer. Brand New Wholesale Program only Power Sellers Know About! Every single item you seen being sold on tv is only located at this site! We just joined and it is incredible!


         You will be given Ebay Sellers Wholesale Closeout Site! Thousands of Products offered at CloseOut Prices! Bulk Ordering! Name It they've got it! All of the hottest selling products at CloseOut Wholesale Prices!


         You will be given the wholesale search engine that Power Sellers use to browse over 87,000 Different wholesale products!


         And finally included in this section alone we are going to tell you a secret tip that ebay sellers use to pull in $500.00 a week simply selling informational products. We will show you where to go to get these products and what they do to pull in $500 plus extra a week and they post .30 cent ads on top of it!

This download has to do with ebay you are only supplied with the wholesalers and dropshippers that Ebay Sellers use. We list no Garbage Here Guaranteed!

And just as a special bonus we are going to show you how to advertise your business on ebay for absolutely free. Have people viewing your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week by doing one simple thing on ebay™!

And Finally we are offering you full resale rights to this #1 Selling Download!

You will receive resale rights and a ready to take order website!

Put your payment information in and start making money now!

Ebay Entrepreneur kit!!!

Make your money right back by reselling this incredible informational download with a take order website included! You do nothing but place the ad! Sure Money Maker!

Only $29.95

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1 week income=$419.65

1 month income=$1,797.00

And that's a worst case scenario!

Can you imagine what you could really do with this product if you wanted too?

10 ORDERS A DAY or more! $299.95



Only $29.95 gives you access to all this valuable information plus access to over 120,000 wholesale products! DropShippers! Only Ebay's Best! No Garbage Listed Here! Resale Rights! Ready To Take Order Website! Instant Money maker!









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Vital Knowledge Ctr, 255 Orchard Ave,Kansas City, Ks. 66101

If you would like to learn how to sell on eBay, I recommend where you can find professional training information and tons of free resources for auction sellers.

There is nothing like making money. I don't mean that easy money that they sucker you into believing ir out there, but good honest money, which you have to work to get. However, working smart is different then working hard.

I have been doing very nicely, thank you, selling on ebay. I only work part time at this, but I make enough each month, to make the payment on my truck, pay the cable bill (only because my broadband service is there). Paid the taxes on the house. I still have money left over for some fun spending.

My name is Tom Waliczek, I am retired, get Social Security, have a small pension, but a little extra dosen't hurt. I was getting bored around the house, and you can only volunteer so much, before even  that gets stale.
I started selling some stamps I bought at a garage sale, and I was hooked. I then started selling used books, also from garage sales,and other odds and ends. Even garage sales got into the act, and prices went up, when you start to here, "Hey man, you can get a good price for that on e-bay" . Hell ! if it was that easy, why weren.t they doing it.

But they were right about one thing. I need some proffessional information and I needed it cheeeeeep. Well, I didn't find it super cheap, but I found it reasonable enough to buy this information on
line, and after reviewing it, found it to be worth every tight squeeking
penny I paid. This information is what I should have had when I started, but that is water under the bridge. I got this information, and my entire outlook on selling on ebay has changed. I can sell stuff on ebay in my sleep.

I decided, that you are not going to compete with me and my products on ebay, so I am going to give you a link to go to the get this amazing book. Is it free? Nope--- Am I going to sell you this book? Nope.. I just want you to go to this site, read very closely what it has to say, and if you are really enterested in selling on ebay, you WILL get it.  I hope to see you on ebay in a couple of days.
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