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No one can outfish a beginner.



FOLDING CAMP SAW _____$13.00____S/H $3.95

You will be bidding on a new, mint, folding saw. This Nicholson folding saw is a must for every gardener, camper and hunter. Its fine, super sharp teeth, designed like those of sharks, cut on the back stroke very efficiently and will also cut on the push stroke. Its teeth are capable of cutting even the toughest branches and small trees.While the safe design and sure-grip protect the user, the handles also folds to protect the blades cutting edge. The Nicholson saw is compact enough to fit into most tool boxes, and most all backpacks for campers and hunters. I have found the saw very useful for help in cleaning big game.This item should be up there on your shopping list.

STEAK BRANDING IRON______$15.00_____S/H $5.20

The outdoor grilling season is really never over for the true griller. This is an item that will surely please even the ocassional griller.<P>
You will be looking at a GRILLERS BRANDING IRON. This unique gift item is a branding iron, that will allow you to brand, right on your steak, R for rare,M for medium, W for well. Only one tool is needed. Never again mix up the steak order.
The iron is stuck in the grill to get hot, and when you throw the steak on the grill, grab the Iron, and sear in the symbol. You are going to love this item.
Made of high quality stainless steel, makes it easy to clean, and will never rust. This long handled tool is 24 long and the letters are 1/3/4 X 2 in size.You are not going to find this piece at K-mart or Walmart.
This is a great Gift Idea.

SWISS MOUNTAIN RUCKSACK-Military Issue---$20.00__s/h $9.00

This a used Swiss Army mountain pack.This excellently designed pack ( Rucksack), is mounted on a steel frame and has heavy leather harnesses. I dont know the capacity but I would imagine you could put a bushel of apples in there.
There are leather straps with roller buckles all around the pack and extra long leather harness at he bottom for what I would assume to be a Sleeping bag. The leather harnesses are completely adjustable. The top of the pack has a draw string closure and then a large flap that buckles over the top.
The carrying harness is adjustable, has a lenghty belt that buckles around your waist, and the shoulder harness have a clip on the ends, to hook to that belt.
The pack is made of canvas, oliver drab in color, as is the 3/8 welded metal frame.
This is not your toy pack you can buy at Walmart, this is the real thing.

SWISS MOUNTAIN RANGER PACK-Military Issue,___$40.00 s/h 9.00

This a used, issued, ranger pack issued to the Swiss mountain troops. This is a large pack, with draw string top and cover flap that buckles down. There is an additional ditty pouch on the outside to carry articles for fast use. The entire bottom is heavy duty leather. The inside is coated with some kind of water resistant material. The leather harness straps are adjustable. This pack was built to take harsh abuse. The outer pack is constructed of canvas with a searsucker design??. This is a pack that if you care for properly, will last a lifetime. Your grandchildren may be using it.

RIFLE CLEANING KIT-Military Issue, Swiss --$10.00__s/h $5.20

This a Swiss military issue rifle cleaning kit. Although the kit appears to have been issued, these kits are complete and excellent in every way. All of the necessary rod parts, brushes, cleaners, and graphite is present. They roll up nicely in a compact condition for easy storing. The material is olive green, and it feels somewhat like that oil cloth that we used to see around a lot, only heavier. I am not sure of the caliber of rifle that the Swiss are into now, however this equipment fits my 3006, and 303 enfield very well. This cleaning kit will be at home in the deer camp, rifle range, or in your military collection.


This a folding shovel and nylon carrying case. It is 22 long when fully extended. The blade portion is 5 wide by 8 long, with a tri pointed head. One side is serrated for ease in cutting through roots. Throw one in back of the truck, and one on the trunk of the wifes car for emergencies. This item is brand new, and in excellent, never used condition. Made of steel.

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