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If you truly want to make a sucess of selling on e-bay, you very definately need to own this course.Only the very best information is provided to you.
I know that you are spammed daily about money making schemes ( amoung others)But it won't hurt to look at this course of action. It really is the real deal.

This site is just begining, and will be under construction for a number of months, but we will be upgrading the content constantly, improving with our mistakes and your valued comments.

For example, we might feature a different item on the home page each month,Some months I will feature Camping supplies, then Tools,Then military surplus items. Books, always books will be available. I have some single items such as antiques or collectibles but I will have a special page for each one of those. I will include a link to our products page so people can get more information. Or, if we're running a contest to attract business, we might include a link to our contest page. I will be changing the inventory often, but rest assured, there will never be any PORN items listed here.

Kaw River Sales only sells via the internet. We have no walk-in counter, or fancy offices. We do however have a storage area for stock, and a shipping area. (No Drop Shipping) We are however, getting a line on some heavy wood working machinery( Band \Saw, Drill presses, ) which we may want to drop ship at a later date.

But more important we do have a commitment to serve you well.


This is the famous one stroke leather sewing divice that we all have seen advertized for a gazillon dollars. The Awl for All is a marvelous tool for the leatherworker, hobbist, or just us average Janes and Jacks.

This unique American Made wooden handled sewing awl is perfect for craft work as well as a wide variety of repairs. Indispensable for mending leather goods, camping gear, sports equipment, nylon sails, saddle and tack equipment, shoes and handbags. It is also an essential tool for the handyman as well as for the hobbist and the outdoorsman.

If you work with canvas around big boats This belong in the locker with plenty of extra thread. On the farm or ranch, you will use this item for repairs of harness, and all leather goods. I dont know how many times I have sewed up my old boots before the better half, just got tired and pitched them.

This unit comes with two needles, a wrench, all hidden in the handle. And 1 roll of thread. Extra thread is avalable, for $2.20 each. ( Black or Brown). Complete instruction are inclosed. If I can do it, so can you.


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